With patients as their customers, NextCare couldn't afford to mess around.

Measurable results


increase in lifetime customer value


more local conversions

How we did it.

Technically, NextCare.com was a success and delivered a steady stream of traffic. However, Ethology was able to see exactly what the site wasn’t delivering: conversions. The culprits? Tons of mobile visitors, a mobile site that wasn’t directing properly and lots of local listings with the wrong business info.

To remedy the situation, Ethology’s local SEO team started fine-tuning and making adjustments to off-site local listings by cleaning up incorrect information and delivering consistency. Next, we fixed the website bottlenecks preventing conversions from happening by making sure the mobile site was navigating correctly, information was easier to find and content was easy to understand.

Every update — from strategy and planning to modern search and paid media — was done with the customer experience in mind. When the business itself is easy to find, it’s amazing how much more activity happens.


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    Visual Design
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