Restructuring the Marketing Org Chart to Deliver Great Customer Experiences

November 18, 2016 by Chris Snook in User Experience


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According to surveys done by The Economist Intelligence Unit, approximately 80 percent of all marketers believe their teams need to be restructured, with as many as one-third of them feeling this should be an immediate priority.

There are volumes of ideas on how you can restructure your organization based upon your vertical, current structure and size, and Harvard Business Review touches on this as well in their “Ultimate Marketing Machine” article, in which they discuss how “CMOs and other marketing leaders increasingly operate as orchestrators, tapping talent from inside and outside the company to staff short-term task forces. Those task forces bring together people, each with one of three kinds of focus: think, feel, or do.”

Regardless of which model you choose as you begin your restructuring, it is most important to remember that how you think and what you do about your organizational chart will dictate your success over the next 12 to 24 months. The list of nine steps below will help you as you navigate this process.

In Digital Sense, we discuss using The Experience Marketing Framework to help outline your vision, strategy and tactical roadmaps into integrated and interdependent nodes over three layers of design (insights, vision and success). The short version for how to apply this to your marketing organization design is below:

  1. Analyze your market using the insights layer to address the current and future needs of your customer, and how well your current messaging and product suite align to them.
  2. Analyze your competitors (competitive landscape) to address and uncover any whitespace or market leadership to double down on what maps to those needs.
  3. Analyze the macro (big-picture) forces to understand what is taking shape in your market, and to help you design a flexible and forward-looking team structure.
  4. Throw your current process, organization flow and escalation maps onto the table and interview key internal stakeholders across the layers to assess which needs are not being met in the current process and what will need to be accommodated for in the future state.
  5. Map the current process and structure of your organization against its ability to deliver the broader business strategy and major business objectives.
  6. Align/realign it as needed to this broader business strategy after uncovering bottlenecks, duplicate processes, gaps and confused ownership/responsibilities.
  7. Design and implement new models that ensure alignment between marketing activities, outcomes and the prioritized business strategy.
  8. Work with key stakeholders in your CX working group (or form one) from across your company’s silos (operations, product, sales, customer success, IT and finance) to map out a transition process that will allow the marketing organization to serve its internal customer while empowering and inspiring the entire organization to realize its marketing impact through its day-to-day activity.
  9. Communicate, communicate and communicate some more as to why the change is necessary, and inspire all stakeholders to get on board.

As with all initiatives involving change, the final step (communication) can be the most important one to weave in early, often and with the most consistency.

Remember that action in a forward direction is an activity that creates a compounding effect. Hopefully these steps will help you take action more aggressively if you have identified restructuring as a priority in 2017.


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