The New Differentiator: A View from the Marketing Team at Ethology

Between 2005 and 2012, it was, frankly, easy if you were a marketer, because this whole new amazing product suite was at your fingertips, and it would be the beginning of the new realm in which we currently find ourselves.

If we look around today, there are agencies at every turn; big, small, conglomerate, start-up, boutique, diversified, integrated, etc. They all seem to claim the same things, when looking on the surface. Product and service solutions have started to blend together and it is beginning to seem as though there isn’t a clear way to define one marketer’s abilities from their competitors’.

If products and services don’t differentiate any longer, and cost has become level across most tiers … how in the world do you pick? How do you choose the right marketer for YOUR organization?

The answer to this question should stop revolving around what new and improved way an agency can put their “spin” on the same services that most other firms their size can offer, and, perhaps, revolve around what they are “made of.”

The answer is people.

People are what make and build everything that modern business is based on. People are at the root of every project, product, reporting dashboard and everything leading to your ROI.

There will always be a new product, or a new social platform. New display ads and retargeting methods are invented every day.

But, as we continue to see, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

A product or service is only as good as the team standing behind it. Technology will always have glitches. Services will change and results will occasionally falter, no matter how high they soared at one time. This is the way of marketing life. All that’s left when these unavoidable occurrences ensue are the people that you have chosen to uphold your brand. Your team of marketers can’t just “be good” at what they do — they have to be passionate. Passionate about not only what they do — but what YOU do.

Ethology believes the new differentiators in the marketing world will have very little to do with product, and everything to do with passion and people.

We choose our team members carefully and thoughtfully, because we aren’t choosing just our team — we’re choosing YOURS.

With this belief of people being the difference, Ethology would like to highlight different Ethologists over the next year for their outstanding “personship.”

The team at Ethology isn’t comprised of task junkies and sales people, it’s made of digital athletes that are each outstanding in their positions — inside and outside of the agency.

When choosing a team, you should have the ability to know each of the players personally — what their lives are driven by, what their goals are and what they show up to work for every day. Ethology picks its team that way — and we believe you should be able to pick your agency partner the same way.

We look forward to sharing our team member highlights in the weeks to come and showing that difference can be made simply by focusing on what matters: people.

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