Flu Season Is Here: Is Your Healthcare Business Visible Online?

November 10, 2015 by Mike Wallace in Local Search Flu Season Local Search Optimization Blog Post Feature

Can Your Patients Find Your Business?

Medical centers, urgent cares and other more convenient forms of health care have been growing tremendously in recent years. This means that the online space for this industry has become extremely competitive, and one of the best ways to be found is through local search.

Why Your Business Should Focus on Local Search

Local search focuses on being found through mobile devices (e.g., Google Maps, Facebook Places, etc.). As we all know, mobile search is growing rapidly. The reason this all applies to the medical care industry is because users want to get what they need, when they need it.

This means they will be looking for the best place to get treated that is closest to them. Which means your business needs to have high visibility where your customers are searching.

The top 6 citations for the medical industry

Ethology took a look at the past six months of data for its health care clients to see which citations drove the most traffic. The results yielded the following information:

Top Medical Service Citation Sources

Google Maps Is King
As shown above, traffic coming in from Google Maps makes up 91% of the top 6 citations driving traffic for Ethology’s health care clients. If you want your practice or business to be found, you need to be visible on Google Maps. Owner verifying, optimizing and consistently checking your Google My Business pages should be any business’s top priority.

The Other Citations
Even with Google Maps and all these other directories making up a majority of the traffic for these businesses, there are still other citations and online directories to keep in mind. These citations may not be key for driving more traffic to your business’s website, but they are key to maintaining its information consistency online. Information consistency is a huge ranking factor when it comes to local search, so claiming and optimizing these listings is a huge step in the right direction.

Below is a list from Moz Local of the best citations to go after in the medical services industry (it should be noted that some of these directories are for individual practitioners):


So What Does This Mean for My Business?
Many medical service businesses make a majority of their year’s revenue during the flu season. If you aren’t being found where your customers are looking, you are hurting your business and your revenue. This is why it’s essential to optimize your local healthcare business online with local listings. Below is a list of the top 6 citations you should be focusing on claiming and optimizing for your business, along with smaller industry citations.

  1. Google My Business
  2. Bing Local
  3. Yelp
  4. Yellowpages
  5. Facebook Places
  6. Apple Maps

Ready For The Next Step?
Ethology’s goal is to optimize every part of your customer’s digital experience to drive measurable results. Our team can help you create a local search program that drives the right traffic to the right places, maximizing conversions and directly impacting your bottom line.

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