Is Your Business Optimized for Apple Maps?

December 19, 2016 by Mike Wallace in Local Search

The New Apple Maps. What Happened?

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve used an application for directions and ended up nowhere near the place we were trying to go. For many of us, that mapping application was Apple Maps.

With the release of iOS 10, Apple made some significant changes to their Apple Maps application. They added more third-party app integration, allowed more options for viewing routes and made it easier for Siri to help get users to where they’re going.

Along with all of these changes, Apple also partnered up with even more data providers. This move is meant to help bolster their business database and provide more accurate maps information so that the user doesn’t receive incorrect directions.

The question that remains after all of this effort is: Can people trust the newly updated Apple Maps?

The Answer

Even with some of these data inconsistencies, Apple Maps has seen a steady increase in users and activity over the past two years. For a number of our clients here at Ethology, we have watched Apple Maps traffic increase anywhere from 20 to 100 percent year over year, with conversions following that same trend.

There are also some awesome capabilities within the new Apple Maps, as well. The third-party integration that has been included has attracted a whole new group of users that are very active on the platform. One of the best and newest of these features is Apple Maps’ integration with apps like Uber and Lyft, as seen below:

So What?

The main thing on most business owners’ minds is: “Is this something I need to pay attention to, and if I do it, will it help my business?” The answer is yes. Claiming your Apple Maps listings is a very valuable step that any business owner should take the time to complete. By going to, you can easily log in using any pre-existing Apple ID or create a new one if you didn’t have one before. From there, it’s as easy as searching for your business and claiming it.

From a review standpoint, the update and increase in traffic to Apple Maps makes a Yelp review that much more important, unfortunately. This news comes with a lot of frustration, since Yelp is notorious for hiding reviews with no rhyme or reason.  The only recommendation that can be made is to flood Yelp with reviews and hope that they stick.

Ultimately, Apple Maps is still something you should consider and spend time on from a local search and listings perspective. As a company, Apple shows no signs of slowing down, and is investing more and more assets into the data game.

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Michael Wallace

About the Author

Mike is the Local Search Senior Specialist at Ethology. He focuses on improving our clients’ visibility on Google Maps and other citations through Local Search and analytics in order to directly improve their bottom line. He plays a lot of tennis and is also a die hard New England Patriots fan. Go Pats!


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