Instagram Ads: 3 Things You Should Know

May 03, 2016 by admin in Paid Media

In early September 2015, Instagram launched their advertising platform globally to businesses of all sizes. The company also released some new features to allow advertisers to easily port over their existing creative to the platform. So, what do you need to know?

Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users, with 75 percent of them located outside the United States. Of that 400 million, women are more likely to be active users than men, with 31 percent of all online women using Instagram versus 24 percent of online men.

Instagram tends to skew young as well, with a 55 percent majority of their active users falling within the 18-29 age range. Following that, 28 percent of users fall into the 30-49 age range, with a much smaller percentage being 50-65 and over (15 percent).


On average, the platform sees 70-80 million photos shared daily. Their latest features include the ability to post photos that are in landscape or portrait aspect ratio, a large change from their five-year run with only 1:1 square photo support. Instagram users are currently limited to posting videos up to 15 seconds long, while advertisers can post videos up to 30 seconds long.



Forrester Research  proclaimed Instagram the “King of Social Engagement” back in 2014, looks like they’re predictions were right on target. The platform receives over 3.5 billion likes daily, with brands seeing an engagement rate of 4.21 percent, compared to Facebook’s 0.07 percent and Twitter’s 0.03 percent.


Instagram will bring in $595 million in mobile ad revenues worldwide this year, and $2.81 billion by 2017



So, with all of this traffic, is Instagram an appropriate platform for your brand? Consider first and foremost your content. Instagram marketing and branding rely heavily on a well-defined visual aesthetic, in combination with strategic messages marketed with your customers’ receptivity in mind. Instagram is a platform for you to share your brand’s culture — both internal and external — as it relates to your consumer following. A strong content strategy will carry your Instagram efforts far.


How can you improve your brand’s Instagram ad performance? Here are three surefire tips:

1.Be sure to use a definitive call-to-action button

From “shop now” to “install now” and “sign up,” Instagram’s call-to-action buttons are spurring a new wave of mobile commerce. With these buttons, users are 2.5x more likely to click through a sponsored post than on any other social media platform. These buttons allow brands to drive consumers directly to offers on their websites.   







2. Tell a story with your creative by using the carousel ad unit format

Sponsored Instagram posts feature three advertising formats: image, video and carousel. Image advertisements allow for a single photograph with text that may or may not include a call to action. Video posts have been extended to last up to 60 seconds for branded posts. Carousel posts give brands multiple opportunities to target their users by featuring a series of photographs, in which each picture provides a prompt that may inspire clicking through the call to action.


3. Create a meaningful hashtag to drive conversation

Posts with three to four hashtags have been shown to achieve the highest engagement. By adding #hashtags to a photo, brands are able to increase their odds of being found in a search and are more likely to reach users who will be interested in their style, content and products. Give your brand every opportunity to be found! Narrow down the hashtags that best describe your brand image, culture and offers, and be sure to include them on your next post.


Marrying an understanding of your brand’s target audience and Instagram’s user demographics provides a great opportunity for you to expand your content marketing efforts to a new platform. By combining Instagram’s call-to-action features with a concentration on your brand’s image, content and culture, you have a new opportunity for increasing brand exposure and conversions.



Tips and social insights in this blog given by Ethologist, Albert Ma


“As a Digital Paid Media Specialist, the value I provide is that I can analyze data to guide my decisions in driving campaign performance. I can take the results of that raw data and provide context by translating it into a story that clients can understand and in turn, make smarter business decisions. Being able to solve problems and puzzles in order to deliver positive results is what drives me and my career.”



Instagram3 Tips for Insta-Ads by Ethologist, Albert MaInstagram will bring in $595 million in mobile ad revenues worldwide this year, and $2.81 billion by 2017.

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