How to Conduct a Content Workshop

Sound familiar? That’s because obsessing over how content “sounds” is easy. The hard part is laying that content strategy foundation, and figuring out why we’re creating all this content to begin with.

Thankfully, we have a way to sort it all out. It’s called a content workshop, and it’s designed to reveal your business’s most pressing goals and your customers’ greatest needs. The result is better, more efficient and relevant content for you and your customers. Just follow the instructions below, and you can conduct it all on your own.

First, gather everything you’ll need ahead of time.

Next, start workshopping!

Step 1: Hang six self-stick easel pad sheets, side by side, on the wall.

Step 2: Label the first sheet “Content Goals and Objectives.”

Step 3: Label the second sheet “Brand Attributes.”

Step 4: Label the third sheet “Always.”

Step 5: Label the fourth sheet “Outperforms.”

Step 6: Label the fifth sheet “Rely On.”

Step 7: Label the sixth sheet “Content Compass.”

Step 8: Use your content compass to audit existing content and guide the creation of new content.

You did it!

Got it? Good. Now go grab a much-deserved drink, because you just drafted up the blueprints for useful, usable, successful content.

Want to share this process with a friend? We have a downloadable guide you can grab for yourself.

Need some extra help with your content workshop? Get in touch — we’d love to help!

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