Google My Business Attributes

October 28, 2016 by Mike Wallace in Local Search

A POV on the refinement and enrichment of Google Maps


Google Attributes

What are they?

Google My Business attributes are factors or specific characteristics about a business that exist outside of the standard categories. Attributes have been used by Google to describe elements of a business such as in-store experience, wifi availability, product offerings, etc. Below are some examples of how these attributes show up in Google Maps:2

As of October 26th 2016, owner verified GMB pages now have the ability to add these custom fields into their listings for greater visibility on Google Maps. Previously, these attributes were only being crowd sourced by Google from users who left a review.

Google has customized these attributes by industry. Based on your  business’ vertical, only certain attributes will become available to you via the bulk upload document. For example, a restaurant will have the attribute of offering “beer” while a bank can have the attribute of offering a “drive-up ATM”. Currently, some industries have been allotted more attributes than others.


How do they affect your business?

These attributes are making Google Maps results even more customized. This allows businesses to highlight their best qualities in comparison to the competition. Google has organized attributes by breaking them into sections such as:

  • Offerings (Pick up, Drive-Thru, etc.)
  • Crowd (Family Friendly, Private Dining, etc.)
  • Highlights (Great Happy Hour, Lots of TVs, etc.)
  • Popular For (Nightlife, Lunch, Business Travelers, etc.)
  • Atmosphere (Casual, Noisy, etc.)

Google takes these attributes and creates a description for you. This description is one of the first things a consumer will see when viewing your GMB listing.


What should you do?

The best way to take advantage of these new attributes is simple. Log into your GMB dashboard and make sure your listings are up-to-date. There will be a message at the top of your dashboard explaining the new attributes. In addition, most of your GMB listings will show updates for this new feature.

IMPORTANT: You can only add in attributes through the bulk upload feature, so your dashboard will need to be bulk verified.


If Google has not updated your Google My Business dashboard with attributes yet, don’t worry. Google is slowing rolling out this new feature, and it may take some time for it to take effect on your listings based on your industry / vertical.

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