Finish as You Aim to Start

It is with that in mind that I intend to finish 2016 as I aim to start 2017 — and I encourage you to do the same. Momentum is a fascinating phenomenon. Understanding it and applying it is critical for increased success at your chosen endeavor.

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

Think about it as how much stuff is moving and how fast that stuff is moving. As an individual, and as an organization, how much mass do you have and how fast, in the direction of your desired goals, is that mass collectively moving? Coasting into the new year does not mean that you are lacking effort. If and when done properly, it is by design that your effort will re-engage the mass in motion and put the pedal to the metal. It just takes extra focus up until the coasting point, with a known date of re-entry along the chosen vector.

When I say the words “finish” and “start,” I am doing so to draw your attention to the concept of momentum more than I am to the acts of stopping and beginning. Finishing as you aim to start is about setting the tone for rolling through the arbitrary finish line of 2016. This will keep you and your organization “on the move” as you enter 2017.

Here are the fundamental questions to ask yourself as the year comes to a close if you want 2017 to get off to a great start.

“How can my organization and I set ourselves in motion and along the right vector as we enjoy our relaxing time off over the next two weeks while ensuring that we are hitting the ground running again January 2?”

“Who in my inner circle do I need to create enthusiastic alignment with this week so we can all eject 2016 and engage 2017 with the same understanding of how our collective efforts help us each achieve our individual and organizational goals in the new year?”

“What am I grateful for and who (personal or professional) will I reach out to in my off time to appreciate and build a genuine relationship with, as I have no other agenda to achieve these next two weeks?”

Make 2017 your best year yet. I will be, and know that you are starting that game now. Happy Holidays!