Ethology Named 2016 Webby Honoree

April 27, 2016 by admin in Media

Ethology is excited to announce our status as a 2016 Webby Award Honoree for the redesign of the SONOS Studio website, for which we scored in the top 80th percentile of all work entered worldwide. Ethology, in conjunction with the SONOS team and Bruce Mau Design, is being recognized specifically for scoring high in the Integration category.

Building a website with integration at the forefront enables visitors to interact with a beautiful, functional and virtually flawless platform. The website experience is smooth, perfectly timed and free of technical glitches that would disrupt, distract and detract from the user’s experience. 278ce4a95c7b742bc326fd5c7db6d5b16dadbef7

In addition, Ethology scored in the top 75th percentile for our work on a PAC-12 school program site, and in the 70th percentile for the redesign of

As a midsize agency in the ring with online media contenders such as Netflix, The New York Times and viral blogs (Things Organized Neatly, National Geographic, etc.), we are very excited to be ranked in such outstanding positions for the work we have produced in collaboration with SONOS, Bruce Mau Design and the Insight team.

Being recognized for superior execution of both Integration and Visual Design in a large pool of widely known national and international brands reinforces Ethology’s outstanding talent and thorough understanding of crafting captivating message and design. The New York Times refers to the Webby Awards as “the Internet’s highest honor,” and we are very proud to be a part of it.


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Contributing Ethologists; Brandwyn Boyle, Director of Marketing, and Kacie Willis, Content Editor

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