Ethology Earns Highest Content Score from Well-known Analytics Firm

March 29, 2016 by admin in Marketing News

With more than $10 million in revenue, three offices and fewer than a hundred employees, Ethology is right on the cusp of eligibility for Forrester’s WAVE report. Because Ethology always takes a very progressive approach to search strategies and content, Forrester saw our potential, and we are happy to announce our inclusion in this year’s WAVE report.

The landscape of search marketing is changing. Paid search campaigns and strategic content creation should no longer be mutually exclusive. Instead, these functionalities are inherently dependant on each other — and together, form a strong, symbiotic relationship. That’s why Ethology’s Modern Search approach — an all-encompassing, holistic practice that combines content strategy and search insights — leverages the strengths of each discipline and aligns them with business objectives and user needs. The result is a more impressionable consumer experience.

In fact, Ethology’s forward-thinking approach to search and content is what landed us a five-out-of-five content strategy score with Forrester, and we are thrilled to be one of the only agencies to ever achieve this ranking.

Why does Ethology place so much emphasis on blending content strategy and search insights? The success of individual search advertisements depends largely on Quality Score: a balance of keywords, landing page relevance and ad rank. In other words, content. Also, ranking audits, awards and SERP listings hardly differentiate a campaign in the world of search anymore, but amazing content can dominate.

Other marketers and search firms may rely on metrics and analytics as the only clear indicator of performance, but they fail to represent additional core components of advertising and marketing success. How do consumers feel when interacting with an ad? When and how do marketers launch a particular message? How do you transition a potential customer to a loyal one in one crucial decision-making moment? This is where content strategy and creation comes into play.
Without creative ad copy that ties to equally creative landing page copy, your paid search campaign will remain invisible. Or worse, be ignored. Deliberately crafted copy, style and imagery connects with your consumer and provides the ultimate fuel for your search campaign. After all, without something to find, there is nothing to look for.

Contributing Ethologists:  Anna Hrach — Content Director, Brandwyn Boyle — Marketing Director and Dustin Diehl — Sr. Content Strategist



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