Picking Your Mr./Mrs. Right Agency When Results Are as Important as the Relationship

October 28, 2016 by Chris Snook in General


A transparent scorecard approach to evaluating new potential agency partners on common ground when they offer different strengths.

You are busy, and we get that.

As a marketer, procurement leader or customer experience working group participant at a brand, life these days is more complex. The daily demands of your current customers, combined with the reliance on internal and external agency staff alignment and execution, give you enough to manage. Couple this with the increased demands of an always-on marketplace where a new platform seems to pop up each day, begging to disrupt your go-to stream of leads, and you could find yourself overwhelmed and in the grips of a serious case of analysis paralysis, or indecision.

Not staying on top of streamlining your marketing technology stack is a constant battle with your CIO and field-level team members, and managing multiple agency partnerships effectively is catastrophic to short- and long-term performance health. Compound that with the time suck that is evaluating RFP responses in an efficient manner to decipher who should be invited to come in and present.

You have a lot personally and professionally riding on making the right choice in your partner selection, and sometimes you can find yourself feeling like you are on the final episode of The Bachelor, trying to pick between two different suitors whom you have come to love for similar and different reasons.

As an agency, we have been in every situation, from winning the final rose to being put in the limo first following a polite, but far-too-drawn-out “It’s not you, it’s me” speech.

That is why we have decided to publicly publish a customizable scorecard system that is adapted from the rigorous diligence done by some of our recent wins and losses so that our prospects and clients can save themselves the pain of developing their own from scratch.

This scorecard is something we use to compete with ourselves daily to develop new competencies where we know we are vulnerable, while ensuring we double down on our strengths. It is a living, breathing thing that should be crowdsourced, and that we believe provides a service to marketers as they endeavor to make tough decisions about selecting their Mr./Mrs. Right agency partner next time around.

You can download it here and customize it as needed.

For more insight into how to attack your agency review process in six simple steps, and how to think about this process overall, we would love to direct you to the recent Inc. Magazine article “How to Hire the Right Agency Partner,” written by our very own Jeff Pruitt.

Who knows? One day, we just might see you at your own Final Rose Ceremony. We expect that you would use a scorecard like this to tell us where we rock and where we aren’t up to snuff. When that day comes, we hope we have what it takes to win your heart!

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Chris is the VP of Corporate Development. His role at Ethology is to evangelize and galvanize the organization around our growth strategy, to innovate client experience, offer to win market share, and build optimal enterprise value through sustainable, explosive growth.


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